Gary and Melody Strohm

Dan Kibler, Operations Manager

Debbie Pleij, Advertising Coordinator

Victoria Hintz, Layout Director

Ronda Burson, Administrative Assistant​

Marilyn McKittrick, Billing Assistant

Sharon Durham

Amy Brown

Kathy Kuhn

Thomas Duzan

Terri Cox

Don Angel

Sharon Durham

Colleen Curley

Sharon Raisner

Verla Cushman

Alex Barnett

Flossie Rhoads

Carmen Finkbiner

Bill Rhoads

Net Diatom

Jeremy Higgs,  Daniel Moore,  Robby Goekler , Aarom Solesky

Gary Strohm- Company liaison

Dan Kibler - On site support

Strohm Newspapers, Inc.

traces its humble beginnings back to a 4-page monthly tabloid newpaper known as the West Union Shopper-Gazette. Founders Gary and Melody Strohm had moved their young family to the West Union area and felt that the area needed a source of factual information. With the encouragement of Joe and Pat McCammon, owners of the Marshall Choice, the couple started a monthly tabloid newspaper in 1993 to accomplish this goal. Their equipment consisted of a 486 computer, copier and laser printer and layout table-all in their bedroom.

Humble beginnings

In 1994 they began to publish the Shopper-Gazette weekly and added another small tabloid, the Martinsville Gazette, which was also printed weekly.  


In November of 1996 the couple started a weekly tabloid newspaper, the Marshall Advocate, to serve the Marshall area. Two years later the format was changed to broadsheet.  


Throughout this time, the newspapers were distributed free and the young company relied on advertisements for income.  

Briefly in 1999-2000

They attempted a daily (Monday-Friday) newspaper to serve the whole county. When this failed, they concentrated their efforts on the Advocate. Realizing the necessity of a subscriber base, they expanded the newspaper to twice weekly and began charging a subscription price. At the same time, they began offering a weekly shopper, which allowed advertisers a venue to reach every home at no extra cost. With the addition of the Casey-Westfield area, the Clark County Shopper grew to a circulation of 8900.  


In 2007 the company expanded into the West Terre Haute area with a shopper, followed by a broadsheet newspaper in March of 2008.  

2009 -2014

In August 2009 they started a newspaper in the Casey Westfield area. After seeking the preference of local residents, the Casey Westfield News-Sun had its maiden voyage on August 12, 2009. On November 28, 2014, the Casey Reporter was purchased by Strohm Newspapers, Inc. On December 1, 2014, the Reporter and News-Sun were merged into a single newspaper called the Casey Westfield Reporter.  

The staff of Strohm Newspapers strives to pack each issue with local news and features.