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Letter to the Editor

  Strohm Newspapers, Inc., encourages individuals to share their observations and opinions on topics of the day with our readers, whether they are of local, statewide or national interest. Letters may not exceed 500 words. All letters will be edited for length and clarity as necessary.

  Strohm Newspapers, Inc., will not publish letters that contain potentially libelous statements, unsubstantiated claims, or unwarranted personal attacks. We also will not publish letters from accused criminals disputing the facts in their criminal case.

In election years, Strohm Newspapers, Inc., will not publish letters in the issue prior to the primary, general or consolidated elections concerning particular candidates.

  Letters must be received by noon 2 days before publication. You may use the form below to directly send your letter to Strohm News. You may also mail letters to: Strohm Newspapers, Inc.,, “Letters to the Editor” P.O. Box 433, Marshall, IL 62441. 

  The views expressed in “Letters to the Editor” are those of the individual authors, not those of Strohm Newspapers, Inc., its editor, publishers, or staff. Strohm Newspapers, Inc., does not endorse any letters and specifically disclaims any responsibility or liability in connection with their content or use.

Letters must bear the signature, full name, address and telephone number of the author or the letter will not be published. Contact information is for office use only and is not printed.

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